Our Mission Statement


St Thomas More’s Pre-school Mission Statement

 The Mission of St Thomas More’s Pre-school is to educate and inspire every child to fulfil their unique giftedness within a loving catholic community.


We recognise that each child is a unique individual loved by God and strive to offer a Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) where everyone feels happy, secure and valued.

Creating a high quality learning environment enlightened by the teaching of Jesus to be loving, caring and just community.


Our Aim is:

To provide opportunities for everyone to thrive and grow, learn and develop, making the most of their unique abilities and talents.

To work closely with families to share ideas and expectations of children’s learning and development creating a community of friendship, trust and mutual support.

To provide an excellent play and social setting within a simulating and well planned environment in the context of high quality learning opportunities.

To encourage children’s learning and development through the Early Years Foundation Stage (DCFS 2007) to enhance their understanding of the world around them and prepare them for school.


This will be done by:

Recognising that every child is unique and offering them opportunities to share their interests, build confidence in themselves and their ability to do things, valuing their own achievements.

Promoting positive secure relationships with staff, families and other children

Providing an enabling environment where each child is safe and able to learn

 Supporting Children to progress in all six areas of development plus faith development building a positive approach to learning and finding out about the world and themselves.